15 Responses to Using NTDSUTIL Metada Cleanup to Remove a Failed/Offline Domain Controller Object.

  1. Thanks heaps for the post. Make the job easy!

  2. Dhanushka says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanations, as this is not a task we admins do on a daily basis your article helped me a lot. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am no longer certain the place you’re getting your information, but good topic.
    I must spend some time learning much more
    or understanding more. Thank you for excellent information I was looking
    for this information for my mission.

  4. Louise says:

    Thank you for the post. it is helpful. Can you also please let us know how to cleanup the DNS? I have demoted DCs (years ago) DNS entries in the DNS server which prevented me to demote DCs recently.

    Thanks in advance.

    • jbernec says:

      Hello Louise, you will have to drill into your DNS Forward lookup zones and manually delete any lingering old domain controllers. Also, in Active Directory Sites and Services, navigate to Sites and Servers and manually delete the already demoted DC server objects. I hope this helps. Thanks.

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  6. Abhilash says:

    I have done the same steps but in the last its showing an error stating Access dined. I am using an enterprise admin access id. Can you please suggest any solution for this issue.

    Abhilash K Joy

    • jbernec says:

      Hello Abhilash,
      Thank you for the response to my blog. Concerning the error, please make sure the admin user object is a member of the Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins Security Groups. Also, just in case, check the explicit permissions on the restore file.


  7. Hi

    I have a child domain ( mall.com.jo ) in the forest ( forest.com ).
    my child server got crashed without any backup and i need to rebuild a child domain server with the same name and detailed because its synchronized with office 365.

    is there is any way please ??

    when I tried to promote the new server it gave me that that “verification of child domain input failed , the child domain name has an invalid format ”

    dcpromoui 914.6D8 029D 16:55:18.024 ValidateDomainDnsNameSyntax for parent forest.com returned 0
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 029E 16:55:18.024 Enter ValidateChildDomainLeafNameLabel
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 029F 16:55:18.024 Enter DoLabelValidation
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A0 16:55:18.024 Enter Dns::ValidateDnsLabelSyntax mall.com.jo
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A1 16:55:18.024 Enter DoDnsValidation s: mall.com.jo, max len unicode: 63, max len utf8: 63
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A2 16:55:18.024 name is 17 utf-8 bytes
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A3 16:55:18.024 Enter MyDnsValidateName mall.com.jo
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A4 16:55:18.024 Calling DnsValidateName
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A5 16:55:18.024 pszName : mall.com.jo
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A6 16:55:18.024 Format : 3
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A7 16:55:18.024 status 0x7B
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A8 16:55:18.024 ERROR_INVALID_NAME
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02A9 16:55:18.024 ValidateChildDomainLeafNameLabel for lead mall.com.jo returned 3
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02AA 16:55:18.031 VerifyChild error message: The child domain name “mall.com.jo” has an invalid format. This name may contain letters, numbers, and hyphens, but not spaces or periods.

    Characters that are not allowed include: ! ” # $ % & ( ) * + , ‘ / : ; ? @ [ \ ] ^ ` { | } ~

    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02AB 16:55:18.031 Test Failed
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02AC 16:55:18.034 VerifyChild returns exit code: 28
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02AD 16:55:18.034 END TEST: VerifyChild
    dcpromoui 914.6D8 02AE 16:55:18.034 Enter State::UnbindFromReplicationPartnetDC
    dcpromoui 914.A54 02AF 17:15:10.288 closing log

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  9. carboncow says:

    Why not just delete the D.C. As listed under ADUsers and Computers? I thought this until was for old pre 2008 servers

  10. thanks. It worked great.

  11. bishwanth says:

    Nice Article…..Thanks for sharing it.

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