My name is Charles Chukwudozie. I specialize in planning, architecting and implementing Digital Technology solutions across the Microsoft Azure and AWS Cloud platforms.

Current and recent engagements include serving as Technical Lead for Data Engineering, Big Data Analytics and MLOPs projects that include architecting and building modern data ETL pipeline implementations that integrate various Azure Data Services, including Azure Databricks (Apache Spark Framework), Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure ML and Azure Cognitive Services.

Other engagements include Digital Transformation deployments on Azure using IaC (Infrastructure as Code) technologies and proof of concepts for building a Recommender solution based on Azure Intelligent Recommender Service. All projects and engagements are executed within the Agile framework methodology, using Azure DevOps.

The future of computing lies in Cloud Technology; a rapidly evolving field that is bound to radically change how we live and work in the next few years; thus, my focus remains learning, unlearning and relearning the skills, technology trends and innovations required to keep designing and building scalable, modern and cloud-based solutions that solve a myriad of problems in our world.

Most posts will be practical configuration examples relating to my work with Azure and AWS Cloud IaaS, Cloud-based Data Architecture and Platform ETL pipelines across Azure Data Services, Apache PySpark Code examples that implement new technology features within Azure Databricks and other PaaS and SaaS platforms, Custom Python functions that implement various requirements, O365, Virtualization and Clusters, Cisco IOS Networking to mention a few. My current code repository can be found at: https://github.com/jbernec/ .

Hopefully, someone benefits from the posts and also shares their knowledge and experience with me. I consider myself a lifelong learner, so I guess I’ll continue to tinker and figure it out as we go. Lol


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  1. Tobechukwu Chukwudozie says:

    good one there.

  2. Danladi Ephraim says:

    Hi Charlse, i am not an IT person but i like the simplicity with which you presented Digital Tech Solution. Please link up with me on +44 7867266192. Thanks.

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