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Resolving Cluster Shared Volume “Redirected Access Mode” Error.

A while ago, I encountered a Cluster Shared Volume error in my lab. I logged into the Failover Cluster Manager and noticed multiple error status messages in the Cluster Events log. The System Log Event ID 5125 kept showing up … Continue reading

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Configuring multiple ISCSI Connections for Multipath IO using PowerShell.

This post will be focused mainly on the ISCSI Initiator host and configuring multipath IO paths to an ISCSI Target. The ISCSI Target portal has already been configured with 2 network paths for ISCSI. The ISCSI Service by default is … Continue reading

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Configuring Windows Server 2012 as an iSCSI Target SAN in a Two Host Failover Cluster Part 5

As it turns out, I already have two Virtual machines running on one of the cluster nodes. I set these up before the cluster creation. The VMs are currently not cluster roles/resources. I will go ahead and make one of … Continue reading

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