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PowerShell Script to Bulk Update UPN (UserPrincipalName) Suffix in a Single Non-Routable Domain.

As part of the Office 365 Configuration and migration project, we’ve had to define and create an alternate upn (UserPrincipalName) suffix for an internal Active Directory domain that is not publicly routable. Updating the upn for every user in the … Continue reading


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Generate Office 365 User License Report with PowerShell.

As we continue expanding our Office 365 deployment from OfficeProPlus to include Exchange Online and Archiving, it’s become increasingly necessary to reconcile and report on current AD Synced and cloud users with their specific subscription and licenses quickly and efficiently. … Continue reading

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Interactive PowerShell 4.0 Script Automates Active Directory User and Mailbox Creation.

In line with the objective of streamlining and automating new employee/user creation process for help desk/level 1 support, I wrote the following PowerShell script to help precisely define the steps in the process, further reduce the chance for human error … Continue reading

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